December 31st

12:53 PM

Today is the very last day of 2012, and I woke up this morning with something crossed my mind: "habis gini aku harus ngeblog". So I decided to open my laptop then writing this post. This year absolutely not my year, but I realized that bad things and good things actually happened.

On March, I got a part time job. Hmm, called it as part-time, I'm working with psychological test, training and seminar things, and some research (in progress).  I learned so many things there. I thing I should remind my friends about our research haha! I hope next year we can make it (the research) done.

Hmm, rasanya setelah Maret itu semua terjadi seperti putaran roda yang dipacu dengan kecepatan 120 km/jam. Hampir setiap weekend harus ke kota satu dan kota lainnya, but I enjoyed it! I love to travel, even it's not a thing that I called "travelling". Selain itu, aku juga menerima kerjaan sebagai freelance, meskipun nggak ada duitnya :p

Setelah pertengahan tahun, sepertinya rutinitas yang bejibun mulai menjadi masalah deh. I used to be close to some people, but now we become a stranger. We used to spend our times together, did all of those silly things, went shopping together, laughing and crying together, but now we barely talk to each other. I hate this situation. Yeah, maybe you'll say that people come and go, and I'm just overreacted. I really love them, it was my faults, but I have reasons why I acted like that.

The best thing I could do this year is.. I still have a boyfriend haha! Well, becoming his girlfriend is not easy, but becoming my boyfriend is really hard. And I'm surprised he could be my (best) boyfriend. Dealing with my mood swing, my PMS, my drama life, my absurdness, my good and bad side. Yah, even aku sama dia sama-sama cepat bosan, semoga itu nggak mengganggu our relationship :p

Hari terakhir di 2012 dan rasanya masih banyak resolusi yang belum terpenuhi, masih banyak masalah yang belum mencapai titik temu, dan masih banyak tugas yang belum terselesaikan! Semoga di tahun mendatang resolusi yang belum tercapai tahun ini bisa tercapai, dan resolusi tahun mendatang pun bisa tercapai semua :)

So, here I am, in the corner of a coffee shop, trying to do my assignments! Ciao!

Happy new year! Good luck with your thirteen (2013)! :p

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